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The security of 
your assets is our 
overriding priority.

Christian Kappes
Deputy Head Private Banking Switzerland

Asset management

Asset management for private clients

You can safely trust us to manage your assets in line with your wishes and objectives. Together with you, we will set out the framework of our involvement and develop a personalised investment solution for you with the most promising financial instruments available.

Benefit from our experience

Would you like to avoid becoming involved with complex financial market issues, and instead delegate investment decision-making to our experienced specialists? Together with you, we will develop a customised investment strategy, implement it responsibly and monitor it on an ongoing basis. We do not develop or sell our own products. Instead, we select the most promising financial instruments available in the market.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The very highest quality and service standards: professional, independent, reliable
  • Open and transparent approach, in particular with respect to the services offered and pricing
  • Broad in-house expertise supplemented by an external network of specialists
  • Independence thanks to absence of in-house products
  • Security over return

Ask us

Would you like to find out more about our investment expertise? Contact one of our client advisors. Our investment specialists will also be ready to assist whenever required. We look forward to meeting you.

Christian Kappes

Christian Kappes

Member of Senior Management
Deputy Head Private Banking Switzerland

Other services

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