Investing responsibly and sustainably

With effect from 1 July 2020 we expanded our offering to include the “Equities Global Impact” focus module. Our aim here is to address the clients’ increasing wish to have a positive impact on the environment and society in addition to generating a financial return.

This goes hand in hand with growing awareness in many client segments of the need to deploy capital in a thoughtful way. In Switzerland, sustainable investments reached a new peak in 2019 with a volume of CHF 1,163 billion. Interest in sustainably invested assets looks set to continue. In this context, you might be interested to read the article about “Sustainable investments” that we are attaching.

For managing the “Equities Global Impact” focus module, Maerki Baumann has teamed up with the owner-managed Globalance Bank. This Zurich-based company, which specializes in future-related themes, is considered a pioneer in the area of sustainable asset management ( Maerki Baumann contributes its own strengths at the levels of investment strategy and stock selection: “Our investment focus already lies on high-quality companies that exhibit sustainable profitability and stable growth”, explains Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, who is responsible for managing the modular investment solution at Maerki Baumann.

The consistent application of sustainability criteria can further improve portfolio quality. Dr Stephan A. Zwahlen, Chief Executive Officer of Maerki Baumann, is excited by the potential of this joint venture: “Our collaboration with Globalance will allow us to meet clients’ growing demand for sustainable investment both rapidly and credibly. At the same time, we are laying the basis for the alignment of our offering of investment advisory services and asset management with future requirements.” In future, therefore, Maerki Baumann plans to systematically incorporate sustainability considerations in both its investment and its reporting activities.


Sustainable finance: Industry initiative launched with 16 priorities

“Cooperation with partners creates credibility in the area of sustainable investing.”
Dr Stephan A. Zwahlen, CEO at Maerki Baumann & Co. AG

Swiss asset management banks have defined 16 priorities for action as part of a VAV industry initiative to work against climate change. Read in the following brochure how VAV and its members are consistently committed and why.

Investing responsibly and sustainably

Investing responsibly and sustainably

A growing number of investors feel that their investments should not just generate a financial return but also make a positive contribution to the environment and society. With our “Equities Global Impact” focus module, which forms part of our innovative modular investment solution, we are meeting the increasing client demand for sustainable investments.