Digital identification

Digital identification (video identification)

We look forward to welcoming you as a client very soon. Prior to the start of our business relationship, we are obliged for regulatory reasons to review your identity. If you prefer to have this review done simply and conveniently from home, we offer you the digital identification (video identification) option, which will take no more than five minutes to complete. It takes place as video discussion. 

“What do I need for the digital identification process?”

  1. For digital identification, you need a valid passport or valid ID card. We accept numerous forms of foreign ID. Please check using this link whether your identification document can be used for digital identification.
  2. In addition to a sufficient internet connection, you will also need a computer with a modern browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari), a webcam and a microphone. It goes without saying that you can also use your smartphone or tablet (as long as it operates under Android or iOS). During the process, you will be prompted to install the corresponding “IDnow” app. The image and sound quality of your device must be conducive to flawless identification. (overview of compatible devices)
  3. You will also need your mobile phone to receive the one-off password (transaction number; TAN).

“Which partner do you work with for digital identification?”
We are offering you digital identification in collaboration with Intrum Ltd. As soon as you click on the “Start identification” button below, you will be forwarded to an Intrum website, where the digital identification will be carried out by a specially trained Intrum employee. The digital identification service is available Monday to Saturday from 07.00 to 22.00 (excluding Swiss national holidays).

“How does the digital identification process work?”

  • Move to a quiet and appropriate environment with adequate lighting.
  • You enter the required personal data exactly as in your ID document on the Intrum website.
  • A specially trained Intrum employee will guide you through the ID procedure using a video dicussion. You will then be asked to hold your identification document in front of the webcam in different positions. During the identification process, pictures will be taken of you and your ID document in a secure environment.
  • In a final step, you will then receive a one-off password (transaction number; TAN) on your mobile phone via SMS, which you then have to enter in the field indicated on your computer screen. This completes the digital identification process; you will then be rerouted back to our website.
  • In the event of digital identification not being possible due to a computer error involving the webcam / microphone or a smartphone / tablet error, please use one of the alternative identification options: a personal meeting at our offices or certification of your ID document by a notary or at a Swiss post office.

“Is my personal data protected during the digital identification process?”
Maerki Baumann and Intrum give great importance to confidentiality. We adhere rigorously to the provisions of both Swiss and European data protection legislation.

If you do not consent to the saving of your data and images, please use one of the other identification options. Moreover, our Data Privacy Notice and our Digital identification – terms of use also apply.

You expressly give your consent for the entire communication (video discussion) with the employee of Intrum to be recorded, for pictures to be taken of you and your identification document, and for this data to be transferred to Maerki Baumann for processing along with the data entered by you on the Intrum website.