«Venture Capital» focus module

«Venture Capital» focus module

In the recent past, private clients and institutional investors have increasingly turned their focus to alternative asset classes. For a number of years now, record volumes have been flowing into the private markets worldwide. Corresponding investments promise interesting potential in terms of returns and diversification. With its “Venture Capital” focus module, Maerki Baumann provides its clients with the necessary risk orientation access to an attractive alternative asset class in cooperation with Redalpine Venture Partners AG.

Access to an actively managed venture capital portfolio

The investment instrument underpinning the “Venture Capital” focus module is managed by Redalpine, the leading Swiss venture capital specialist. The investment focus is placed on growth-oriented companies that are at an early stage of their life cycle and possess scalable business models in the areas of software, technology, health tech and life sciences. The regional focus of the investments is primarily in Europe, with particular attention being afforded to the economic area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Active portfolio management and strategic involvement

Active portfolio management, strategic involvement in the development of the portfolio companies (generally by means of a seat on the board of directors) and a very disciplined investment approach provide the basis for successful investment activities across different cycles. This allows investors to participate in the value appreciation or growth development of promising companies, which today often takes place prior to a stock exchange listing, especially in the technology sector.

Your benefits

  • Participation in the venture capital asset class

  • Interesting return and diversification opportunities as an addition to the portfolio

  • Access to the investment expertise of Redalpine, the leading Swiss venture capital specialist
  • A broadly diversified venture capital portfolio

  • Active portfolio management and strategic involvement in the portfolio companies through Redalpine

  • Focus on disruptive, scalable business models from the technology and healthcare sectors


Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to advise you personally on the new «Venture Capital» focus module or on our innovative investment solution.

Christian Kappes

Christian Kappes

Member of Senior Management
Deputy Head Private Banking Switzerland